How to set up Siri Shortcut for Cash Tracking

To enable Siri to add cash transactions through conversations, please follow the steps below.
*Please, make sure your OS version is 13.1.
*This feature is available on iPad (iOS 13) but not on Apple Watch.

① Tap "Shortcuts" app.

IMG 0142-2

② Tap “Create Shortcut”.

IMG 0143-2

③ Tap “+ Add Action”.

IMG 0174-2

④ Tap “Apps”.

IMG 0175-2

⑤ Select the Moneytree app and tap “Add Cash Spending”.

IMG 0177-2

⑥ Tap on “Category” to change the category settings. You have two different options based on your preference.
- First option is to select a fixed category from the list.
- Second option is to select “Ask Each Time” at the very bottom of the page.
This is the new iOS 13 feature that allows you to flexibly choose the category everytime.

IMG 0178 2-2

⑦ The default amount is currently set to “1”. You can modify this amount by tapping on the “1”. By doing so, you can add either a fixed amount or utilize the new iOS 13 feature and change it to “Ask Each Time”.
Tap “Next” on the top right corner to save the settings and move to the next step.

IMG 0199-2

⑧ Choose a name that can be easily recognizable by Siri for the new shortcut. This is the name that will be used to invoke the Siri Shortcut. 
Once you have inputted the name, tap “Done” to finish the configuration of the Siri Shortcut.

IMG 0202-2

⑨ You are now set to use Siri Shortcut for Cash Tracking. Depending on the settings of your phone, activate Siri by holding down the home button. For iPhone X and later, you can activate Siri by using your voice or using side button.
Trigger the Siri Shortcut for Cash Tracking by telling Siri the name of the shortcut you would like to use. For example, in this case, tell Siri “Cash” and it should trigger a series of follow-up questions such as “What category would you like to select?” and “What was the amount of the transaction?”

IMG 0179 2-2

If you still need help with Moneytree, 
or have any questions about the service, please contact [email protected]