How to link a receipt photo to a transaction (Android)

1.On the Balances Card tap the “Work” tab to go to the Work view.

Screenshot 20180510-165636-2

2.On the Expenses view tap the icon in the top right corner, and tap Cloud Safe.

Screenshot 20180510-165700-2-2

3.Tap on a receipt that you want to add a transaction to.

Screenshot 20180510-171113-3

4.Tap Search Transactions.

Screenshot 20180510-171120-2

5.You can search for a category, amount or date. If a matching transaction exists, it will come up.

Screenshot 20180510-171128-2

6.Select the transaction you want to attach to the receipt and tap Done.

Screenshot 20180510-171138-2

7.The matched and verified receipt will automatically be moved to the “Verified” screen.

Screenshot 20180510-171154-2

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