How to bulk review auto-matched expenses

The bulk review feature allows you to review all auto-matched transactions at once. Here is how you can do it.

1.On the Work Expenses view, tap the “Unclaimed Transactions”.

Screenshot 20181031-113453-2

2.Tap the Review matched expenses” button to preview auto-matched transactions with more details.

Screenshot 20181031-113501-3

3.On the “Review Matched Expenses” view the toggle on the right side shows “Work” by default. If you would like to keep auto-matched transactions as work expenses, tap “Done” and all transactions will be confirmed as “Work”. If you would like to change a few transactions back to Personal, just slide the toggle to Personal and tap “Done”. All changes will be saved at once.

*Note: If you tap “←”, all changes will be discarded.You can go back to the Unclaimed Transactions view and review the auto-matched transactions again at your convenience.

Screenshot 20181031-113515-4

4.If you would like to see more details, and review each transaction more carefully, tap the left side of an expense on the Review Expenses view.

Screenshot 20181031-113515-2-2

5.Tap “Yes” to confirm it is a work expense, and it will be confirmed and removed from the list of auto-matched expenses. Alternatively, tap “No” and the expense will be saved as a personal spending, and will also be removed from the list of auto-matched expenses.

Screenshot 20181031-113524-3

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