How to add a receipt to a transaction (Android)

Moneytree allows you to attach a receipt to any transaction in several ways. In this FAQ we will be looking at a few of those ways.

1.Choose a transaction you wish to attach a receipt to, and tap it.

Screenshot 20180510-173153-2

2.Tap the “+” button under “Attachment”.

Screenshot 20180510-173159-2

3.Choose one of the options available to link a receipt. You can attach it from your Photo library, Cloud Safe or take a photo.

Screenshot 20180510-173207-2

4.Another way of linking a receipt to a transaction is from Cloud Safe. On the “Expenses” view tap the top right corner, and tap Cloud Safe.

Screenshot 20180510-173322-3

5.Choose a receipt you would like to attach.

Screenshot 20180510-171113-2-2

6.Tap “New Transaction” or you can also search for an existing payment.

Screenshot 20180510-173355-2

7.Edit your new transaction and tap “Save” to save changes. The app will verify the receipt automatically.

Screenshot 20180510-173408-2

8.One more way to add a receipt is from the “Cash Tracking” view. Tap the “+” icon in the bottom right corner to create a new cash transaction.

Screenshot 20180510-173426-3

9.Tap the “+” button under “Attachment” to add a photo.

Screenshot 20180510-173433-3

10.Tap “Take a Photo” and attach a receipt.


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