Moneytree launches budgeting tool to help Australians better manage their finances

SYDNEY: Moneytree, the mobile app that lets you see all your banking and financial accounts in one place, is today launching Moneytree Grow, a paid service to help Australians better manage their daily expenses and plan for the future.


Moneytree Grow brings a number of features to help people to understand their financial behaviour and develop better habits. These include:

  • Budget by Category: Take control of your spending by setting a monthly budget for all your important spending categories and receive notifications.

  • Daily Background Updates: Your information gets updated daily in the background (whether you open the app or not) keeping your information always up to date.

  • Data Export: Download your transactions, by account or across all accounts, to an Excel or CSV file to better understand your cash flow.

  • Monthly Report: Coming soon is a monthly snapshot summary of your spending along with the breakdown of spending by category.

Moneytree Grow is a paid upgrade to Moneytree’s free mobile app, which helps users to link and see all their financial accounts – including current bank accounts, savings, credit cards, super, brokerage accounts, public transport cards and loyalty points – all in one place.
Paul Chapman, Chief Executive and Founder of Moneytree, said: “We are evolving our app to deliver what Australian users have been increasingly asking from us, a tool that sits on top of our existing, free financial data aggregation service to help them control their spend, and make real financial progress.”
“We’ve been excited to see users engage with our app since we launched in Australia in 2017. Now, with Open Banking just around the corner, we are starting to make some big changes.”


Setting yourself up for success

“A great starting point to improve your financial well-being is to really understand what you’re spending money on. With more and more people cherry-picking the best credit cards and bank accounts, you’ll be better off with an automated tool like Moneytree Grow to help you successfully steer the course,” he added.
Users of the Moneytree app can also customise their spending cycle to have it start at any point in the month, for example, to make it coincide with their payday.
The Moneytree Grow update is available from today for iOS. The paid version is priced at A$4.49 per month or with a 12% discount for annual subscribers. You can also try these new features free for one month.
As with the free version of the Moneytree app, user data remains 100% private and is not mined for advertising purposes. This strict company policy is certified by TrustArc, a globally recognised privacy verification program.

Please address media inquiries to:

Eric Robledo Fuentes
Moneytree / Honner - Public Relations
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email: eric@honner.com.au

About Moneytree

Moneytree is a fintech company founded in Japan in 2012 and launched in Australia in 2017. Its vision is to bring consumers and financial services organisations closer together.
Moneytree provides a financial data aggregation and portability platform for financial institutions called Moneytree Link. Moneytree Link has more than 50 enterprise partners in Japan, including the Japanese megabanks and many of the top-rated regional banks, as well as the leading accounting service providers. In Australia, Salesforce and Roll-it Super are Moneytree Link’s first enterprise partners, with more to follow.
Moneytree is also helping Australian financial institutions prepare for the introduction of Open Banking with its strategic enterprise-wide Open Banking solution.
Moneytree’s personal financial management app, available in Japan and Australia, gives individuals a full view of their financial positions, contributing to better management of their personal finances, and helping to maintain financial well-being.