Make better decisions. Be better off.

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All your finances, one place

Moneytree links everything from your bank accounts, credit cards and digital money to your points, superannuation and cash spending. Then, using its advanced AI, Moneytree brings them all together in one easy to understand financial picture.

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Security as strong as an oak

Security is the cornerstone of trust, which is why we balance the latest global best practices with world-class user experience. Moneytree runs on the best, certified infrastructure, that is constantly tested for strength. We actually pay security experts to constantly test the vulnerability and penetrability of our App. Our privacy, security and UX are what have earned us iTunes Best App two years running.

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Every branch of finance

Moneytree securely collects, analyses and displays your financial data from a wide range of your favourite institutions and services.

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Fast, accurate, insightful and easy to use

With Moneytree, you can check your balances, watch your cash flows, monitor your cards, even manage your loyalty points all at a glance, saving you time and money (and since time is money, I guess you save even more)

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Get to the root

More than just a personal finance app. Moneytree’s advanced AI automatically categorises and sorts all of your transactions, so you don’t have to. By analyzing the time, date, place and size of each purchase across your accounts. Moneytree gives you a clear picture of your spending habits, allowing you to make better financial decisions.

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All over it, anywhere, anytime

With all your transaction data in the one place, tracking work expenses has never been easier. Simply mark them, export them in a spreadsheet and leave them with Russell in finance.

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We make a good point

Rewards cards, loyalty points, rewardingly loyal card points. Where does it end? Let Moneytree tally your points and update you when you earn them, redeem them or even when they’re about to expire. Make every point count while Moneytree counts your points.

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Branch out

In this splintered financial world it’s hard to know how, when and where you spend your money. Thankfully, Moneytree puts you back in control. Providing valuable information to help you break costly habits and create new spending and savings patterns. Simply put, this is money management you can stick to.

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Know more, worry less

Moneytree’s notifications and alerts keep you in the know, in real time. Get notified of salary payments, large transactions, low balances, upcoming bills and soon-to-expire reward points. All alerts can be customized to suit your payment cycles.